Today I saw that the History Channel was going to present a program about September 11. And with all the talking there´s been about the WWF ad made by DDB Brasil, I even put a reminder in my iphone not to lose it. Well it actually was about the people who were at the Marriot Hotel, located almost between the two towers. ( I´ve never seen those amazing images about that day. A real tragedy; ironically the hotel was a victim of something that did not correspond them. They were just there. Taking DDB´s case, it´s too bad that the Agency of the Year at Cannes this year, is now remembered for this inconvinient, rather than all the rest of the work they did to win that prestigious place in Worldwide Advertising. I went this year to Cannes, my first time actually, because I won the Cannes Predicitions last year in my office, Leo Burnett Colombia, and I think that agency did a tremendous job. They had brilliant work. Real work as well.

However, as well as the Marriot, they were just there; receiving a Merit in the 2009 One Show. And I said this because, they are not the only ones making work just for an award. At least they even published it, even once. As it happened to DDB Brasil, it could happen to any other agency in the world. I have a clear position towards the print. I think the art direction is really nice ( The idea is strong, or as the copy says, powerful. It clearly sets a position, and uses a tragedy created by humans, to show that the same humans are the ones that are not respecting earth, who´s the most powerful living being. I don´t know, I just think that what it has, is that is not credible that a client could approve to be That Strong with their communication. That´s what actually created the problem. It´s good as a Merit in One Show, but nothing else because it just doesn´t seem real.

Now what would happen with the festivals from now on? The One Club decided to ban for 5 years agencies that submit not real work. That´s a strong position, and the only banned is not the agency, but the creatives of the the piece. At least that would make the desire from the CD´s to be in every place of the credits, diminish. ja! But really, I don´t know how are they going to manage this, but what’s sure is that they are the only ones that can “afford” to do it, because different to other festivals, they don´t make money with it. Adopting that position is clearly giving them credibility and respect, needed so badly in an Advertising Festivals now days. In the Hispanic Market we call this fake advertising “Truchos”, and the truchos are the ones causing creatives to have good ideas for them to win an award, without thinking about the client. It´s kind of selfish actually. But unfortunately, if we were not measured only by the awards, but as creatives and what we are capable of doing, anything that could show that you are good, then things might be different. 





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