Soundville just doesn´t sounds for me.

I don´t know. I just don´t know. Juan Cabral become one of my biggest Ad icons with the work he has done during his life. Over all, what I like the most were the Sony Bravia Ads (, and, watch them in HD!), all Cannes Lions Winners, even more than the Cadbury´s Gorila Ad, Film Grand Prix last year at Cannes. He´s been quiet for a while, but I´ve been expecting his comeback really anxiously.

Today I opened webpage, like every morning, and the heading of one of the news was: “Nuevo comercial de Fallon Londres para Sony, con dirección de Juan Cabral”. I felt such an emotion. I opened the link and kept waiting for the ad tho load. It took a while, but it loaded. And I saw it. And… I didn´t like it. Not a bit. Nice photography, really good directed, but the music didn´t worked for me, even though it was composed by really good musicians and all, but I just found it really boring.

I started reading in blogs about the ad, and entered the official Webpage of Soundville. ( Once I read about the “project” I got it. But not before. Just after. It´s a good idea, but I think it´s really sophisticated. When Juan Cabral did the Tate Tracks ( /, it was a musical project with sooooo much more sense. It was clear, direct, and an extremely well executed idea. But now Soundville, is just weird.

I hope it works fine as a campaign and probably in the UK, they´ll get it better. For now I´m getting into the US culture so, probably if I understand better their culture, I might have a different opinion. However I don´t think that should have anything to do with it. Bravia ad´s worked worldwide, Gorila was a Viral Phenomenon in youtube and the internet, but Soundville, we´ll just have to wait and see.



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