I’m getting a job, and definitely not thanks to the Creative Circle

In my Chicago job search, I’ve sent a couple of emails to the contact info mails from almost all ad agencies in Chicago and some creative recruiters offices. I just want to prove if “contact mails” work or not. The experiment results after a week of the sent mails are 2 replies (out of 23 or something): One, from Element 79 and one from The Creative Circle. The answer of Element 79 was “unfortunately we do not have any open positions available at this time”; at least I got an answer, and that, I appreciate.

The other answer I’ve got yesterday was from the Creative Circle, not an agency, but a company that works with advertising creative staffing. Their reply really gave me good vibe, because as the mails said, “Your background looks very interesting and is in line with the type of candidates we represent. We would like to set up an interview as soon as possible to review your information.” Obviously I replied that I was ready as soon as they could interview me. The interview was planned for today at 2:00 p.m. Like every night before an important interview, I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. getting ready my book. I even make 4 additional copies because I thought, well, if they are going to help me get a job, the least they’ll need is a couple of copies of my book to give to the interested companies. Ja! Nicely thought but obviously it doesn’t work like that. 

I got there at 2:00 p.m. all nervous and as the same time excited. Their offices look nice. The secretary took me to a small meeting room while I waited for my interviewer. Meanwhile she asked me for some paper work I had to feel in. I gave everything to her, but I was missing some small details, like my social security number. I don’t have one, I came here to study and yes, I want to work here. As soon as I told her I didn’t have one, all the cordiality of the office flew out the door in just seconds. She told me I was not supposed to be there. But they called me! I got really confused and told her that I still wanted to talk with my interviewer. But then, even though we had an appointment, she told me she was really busy and couldn’t see me. I told her I still wanted to see her so I waited outside in a classic black Barcelona chair. As she got out, she treated me as if I was a criminal. She didn’t give a shit. I told her to please receive my book, but she wouldn’t even listen to me. She was really “busy” that’s right, I forgot. “Company Policies” she said. We’re sorry. And as fast as she came out the private labeled door she entered back again and closes the door. Not in my face, but it felt that way.

I understand that probably this kind of companies have strict measures to assure people they recommend are set with their papers and ready to start working. However, they’re creative recruiters. And as creative recruiters, doesn’t makes any sense to me just having won a Gold Award at The London International Awards if a company looking for creative people, instead of looking at that, only looks for a number that you don’t have. I felt like shit today, that’s all I can say.




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