If anyone out there could come to an idea as Twitter, is definitely, creative advertising people.

485 ad people just lost their job in Detroit. Chrysler, the only client BBDO had is not working with them any more. And I’m looking for a job… hmmm tough times, but then crisis is always opportunity, always. That’s what those 485 should think of. However, one’s would have it harder than others. House owners will have the worst part. But that’s not what I’m writing about, at least not entirely.

I was reading what twitter actually cost, and yes, is less than what I though. (You’ll find the link to the articles I mention at the end of this one) And I’ve been thinking a lot about Twitter lately, a lot. And ironic as it may sounds, it’s a company with 70 million clients and they don’t even know how to take some good money out of it.


But then, is huge, and they have managed really well the company being really cautious with advertising. That’s good. However, we, the clients, are now used to that simple clean interface. For me, the only way of making money is via applets to use Twitter, but a plain banner in their website, could kill instantly all the magic. They know what they’re doing. And actually, the way they managed the RT function with only some users like me, was brilliant. They make me feel important, as a user. If you achieve that emotion with a brand through Twitter, ta raaaaan, advertising you have. And clients wouldn’t be mad at Twitter. They are being part of something special.

     – Exclusiveness, you always want to be part of it, even though it has to be sponsored. –

So after fixing their income trouble, I go back to the idea of that business. Any one could come out with a great idea; even more when your daily work is actually thinking of ideas. Your ideas make money, your ideas make brands grow… but what about you? You are not making what they make with one good promotion you invented. So, probably being forced to change is not a bad idea after all. Obviously losing a job that way has to suck really bad, because it wasn’t even your fault. But still, it’s a good opportunity to think big, to think what to do with your life, and how to earn an income doing what you like. Look at Twitter, they are figuring out how to do it on the run. The idea is so big; that it has grown by itself, well not by itself, people had built it.

Probably they were people in Detroit’s office working in advertising, without even been passionate about advertising. And this career, needs passion, you have to feel it, every f*uckin day. So might be a good moment to start doing what you were ment to be doing before you got into this brake free industry. Ideas are no only good in advertising. Take them to real life, and you’ll be surprised of what you can do with them. 




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