Atoms for Peace, my new favorite All-star Super Band

It’s been long since my last entry, probably because my life has changed a lot since last November. Now I have a job as a copywriter at Leo Burnett’s Hispanic agency Lápiz. That means I now live in Chicago for real, no longer as a student, and that changes everything; that’s basically what I came here to do. Work and enjoy this amazing city. And what makes me really happy is the music scene I’ve been able to enjoy. So far since I got here I’ve been able to watch some bands live like The Sounds, Chromeo, Crystal Castles, Zoé, Pretty Good Dance Moves, Boyz Noize, Shit Robot, Kid Color, Hercules and Love Affair, Spoon and the most recent, Atoms for Peace.


Awesome band, awesome show, most amazing energy ever. 


I have been thinking about that concert all day. Thom Yorke is an incredible musician. I haven’t seen Radiohead live, but I’m sure yesterday’s show is not far from it. Actually, Atoms for Peace lineup is extraordinary: Red Hot Chilli Peppers bass player, Flea, amazing Joey Waronker on the drums, Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco, and producer Nigel Godrich. The scenario was simple, no fancy screens, no video dj, just neon lights that changed colors. The sound was good, and I was extremely worried because Spoon’s sound a couple of days ago at the Aragon was really bad. Obviously they use much more distortion and that makes things difficult for the acoustics of the place, but yesterday was perfect. The song selection was just right, including two solo performances by Thom on the piano and with his guitar. The way they communicate with each other, percussion with drums, bass with guitar and Nigel just keeping it all together, was a masterpiece. These guys earned my respect and admiration.


Having the opportunity to see such talented and expert musicians so close was really exciting. I’m glad I went and recharged my batteries with the energy they put on stage. I can say it’s been the best show so far as a whole. Listening to them is like listening to experience. No mistakes, no bullshit, just talent having a good time. And I did have a good time, dancing non-stop.


Next week I have two more concerts, Hot Chip and Passion Pit. Looking forward to them. I know it’s gonna be a really good time as well. But my conclusion is definitely that people who live in Chicago have to take advantage of these amazing shows. A band like this would never go to Bogotá, and if they did, you’ll get charged more than 100 bucks and you’ll see them at a huge venue. But here, it’s cheap for what it is and what’s even more amazing, it’s constant, one show after the other. I might not be saving money from my salary, but I’m sure making the best investment going to these shows. ‘Til next week’s review,






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