And with Hot Chip we danced over and over and over and over…

…oh yes we did, me and all the people in the first rows of the Riviera Theater. Once that over and over and over chorus started, we danced, we jumped, we screamed, we had a good time. It’s the first time I was on time to a concert, so on time, we made it to the third row once we got there. The concert started with The XX, and I’ll talk about it as a concert, and not as two separate bands. Super talented Oliver, bass player and singer, awesome voice Romy and Jamie on the decks, form this UK band; actually both bands are from the UK. Their part was just right. Not many songs but the necessary ones. I usually can listen to their album in “repeat” mode again and again. Not many people knew their lyrics, so I just sang them sort of to myself. I really enjoyed watching Oliver hit the crash continuously almost with mad pleasure to end up their part of the concert.

And then we wait.

My double Jim Beam had come to an end, but it was now too late to go for another one. Hot Chip could start at any second, and they did. They entered the stage, and you could tell they felt great. They just played at Coachella, and their tour is just getting started. Hand Me Down Your Love marked the beginning of their show, and I was already hooked with their impeccable live sound. Their latest album, One Life Stand is loaded with good songs. That’s why they could just start with some of the best ones without fear of running out of songs towards the end. I can’t say I have a favorite song in this album, but probably my favorite song is Ready For The Floor, from their previous album, Made In The Dark. But then I’ll make an exception, that my favorite “dancing” song is definitely Over and Over. That song took the concert to the next level.

From that moment on, everything was happiness. They kept switching instruments between them showing how talented they are as musicians, and left the stage after playing almost all of the songs I was expecting to hear. But Ready For The Floor was not one of them. And then, their latest single I Feel Better was also missing, so I thought, I was ready for the floor, and oh yes I danced that floor, but without listening to it. I was wrong though. The show ended with the song, just after they played I Feel Better, and that for me, made it an extremely memorable.

For the people who didn’t go, there’s a second chance and that’s Lollapalooza; a great Musical Summer Festival here in Chicago. This August line up is amazing. Now Passion Pit is playing today at Congress Theatre. Not a fan of that venue, not a fan at all. First time at the Riviera and it was great. Congress is much bigger, and could risk this band’s sound. Hope it doesn’t. The stands are high after Hot Chip’s show. Let’s see how it goes, until then,





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