No Passion for Teens

I hate all-ages concerts. I hate them a lot. It’s like going to party with your little cousins. You even feel bad for drinking alcohol in front of them… until you get the inevitable 14 year old girl who comes to you in a flirty way and ask you to buy her a drink. This was the case at Congress Theatre’s packed Passion Pit concert. Teenagers were everywhere, and these teens were a throwback to the 80s, wearing fluorescent shirts, crazy hair styles and short pants (even though the weather outside was still around 45F).

Am I getting old, or what the fuck is going on? I just sipped other Jack to get in the mood, but it was not happening — I was really concerned about all the kids surrounding me. Lucky enough one of my friends met up with other friends and the night began to have other atmosphere. The opening band was Smith Westerns, and we soon discovered they were the reason all these crazy kids were at the Congress Theater that night. Smith Westerns are a punk rock teenager band that played noise, not music. Loud noise. The good thing is that we didn’t pay much attention to them, because much interesting things were going on offstage.

After a long wait, Passion Pit started their concert with “I’ve Got Your Number.” The place was extremely packed and everybody was going crazy. Everyone started jumping, even the people in the upper levels of the theatre. And it went that way for an hour. I don’t remember the order of the songs, and I don’t remember which songs they play or they did not. I do remember that during “Little Secrets,” people decided to get higher and higher and higher. Security walked throughout the crowd, searching for the source of the weed smell, but it was all around — even though they had a very careful security check in the entrance. (For the first time in my Chicago concerts experience, I felt in a security check similar to entering to a soccer game in Bogota, and believe me, it’s not a pleasant sensation).

Suddenly the show was over, just like that. I don’t know if it felt so short because it was awesome time, or because it was really short. Probably both. All I can say is that I would have liked seeing them play in a smaller venue, or not being so huge as a band. I feel like they are now almost a mainstream band, with a concert planned strategically with a lot of lights interaction with the audience, but no contact/dialogue with them at all. You can tell they are playing this same show so many times that they don’t even get excited about it at all. But well, music is also a business, and these guys are young, so dear Music Industry, you better squeeze some money out of them. It was great to see them live though, now I can listen to them again without thinking about the past. And that, is priceless. 




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