Bring back the music


This blog used to be the place where I started narrating my first days in Chicago. At the beginning I focused it on concert reviews and some advertising. Then it just transformed into posting much more stuff but concert reviews. Going back to it I see the last one was last May. I didn’t write a post about all the other concerts I’ve been ever since, not even Lollapalooza. I guess summer was just too good and then work got crazy. Fortunately summer it’s almost back and the 2011 concert season is on. What better moment to go back to some concert reviewin’ 

I’ll write about the last three concerts I’ve been. Not counting Datarock on March 11th that was obviously a fantastic night. Bought the Datarock Red Hoodie and when I got home I realized it came with the pants too. Great souvenir, great band.

I’ll start with Starfucker. Damn talented hipstersillos. Good beats for the dance floor. They played some songs from their new album Reptilians and a couple of good songs from their first album leaving the crowd wanting some more. Even after the final intermission of Champagne Champagne, their opening act during this tour, which was kind of weird. Not the best show so far though. 

I bought the tickets for The National and Arcade Fire show almost 2 months ago. I remember it was supposed to be only two shows and I didn’t find any tickets at the time. Hated the idea of going to Craigslist to find some but I knew I had no other choice. However due to the success they opened a third show. Lucky me and the other thousands that were with me at the UIC Pavillion last Friday the 22th. It was my first time at this venue. Didn’t like it. But it was necessary something this big for them. I was going because of Arcade Fire but I wanted to see The National too. I waited their entire concert for my favorite song from their album Boxer, Apartment Story. They didn’t play it. Don’t you hate that? The only song I was going to be able to sing and at the end say – what a great band! They were good though, will like to see them in a smaller venue and without non-stop people coming in late. 

Arcade Fire on the other hand has been the best of the year so far. And after the announcement of this year’s Lollapalooza line-up, might be the best one of 2011. We’ll see. Still hoping they’re hiding something, it’s their 20th anniversary, can’t be just that. I saw Arcade Fire last year at Lolla but it was only for a couple of minutes. The reason was we were having a great party with Felix de Housecat and we decided to go to see them after it was over. We arrived, it was totally packed and the lyrics of the song they were playing were… “if you still want me, please forgive me…” yes Crown of Love, one of their few ballads. So we went back to finish the day with Digitalism. 

No ballads this time, just dance. They put together such a powerful show. The art, the light bulbs, the use of their screens, including the projection on the piano, which I thought, was really smart. Too bad I was not closer to see it in more detail. The song selection was great too. They are definitely in the top of their career and The Suburbs deserves that Grammy for album of the year over any other. They are talented, they get along, and they enjoy what they’re doing. I still hate not have given music a serious opportunity in my life before getting into this crazy advertising crystal ball. It’s not late though. (Been saying that for years now btw) The best song of the show? Difficult to say… Haiti sounded beautifully chilled, Rebellion and Wake Up had everyone singing, but I guess my favorite song has to be Sprawll II from their last album. I thought The National curse of not playing my favorite song was going to repeat. The concert finished on the top and I was pretty sure that was the end. They have already gone out and back in playing 3 more songs. However, that was the last song. Perfect ending. The concert felt short but I guess that happens with every good show.

The last one of the three was Junip, last Easter Sunday. I first knew about José González with one of my favorite spots from all time created by Juan Cabral. Sony Bravia – Balls. That spot could perfectly be the music video for the song Hearbeats, a remake from the original from The Knife. I saw him live back in Bogotá a couple of years ago and I really liked it. It was just him, his guitar, and his really memorable voice. This time he was playing with other 4 musicians, and their band Junip. You’ve probably heard Always before. It was a good show, got better in the last half. The venue was a bar called space in Evanston, much smaller and “intimate”. A daily dose of their new album Fields has been working for me in the mornings.

May just started and now the problem is choosing what to see; really good concerts ahead. Going for sure Thursday to see Yacht. Still deciding if going to The Kills Wednesday, I’m sure I’ll see them at Lolla but I feel I want to see them in a smaller venue too. Yelle will be playing Friday, which might be a good dance party, and then, the difficult decision for Saturday: Peter Bjorn and Jhon or Surfer Blood. That’s a tough one, haven’t seen either so it’s not an easy call.

We’ll see, until the next one,





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