I’m a prediction-er


Since I’ve worked with Leo Burnett, I’ve always been into the Cannes Predictions Contest. The first time I participated was when I was working at BBDO back in 2007. A good friend invited me to the event. It was a big party, full of people from the local industry in Bogota plus some clients from the agency. The prize for getting the highest score was a complete paid trip to Cannes next year. What better award than that? No idea who won it that year, but the following year I did. I was working at Leo Burnett Bogota. Already knowing how it worked, I got better prepared. In that time however, the reel was a surprise. You didn’t know which 40 spots where going to be featured on the reel. So I just did some research on what spots have won in other festivals and could win a lion. I got into a tie with my art director partner choosing different spots. We where happy but worried because apparently we will need to chose between one or the other to go. We obviously wanted to go both. The year passed and the time for Cannes was coming. Time for remembering the office we won that prize last year. Economic times where not good by then and apparently there was no prize. Then there was but only for one. We did the entire math and because we where Young Creatives, we paid a cheaper registration. We flew coach, stay in a 2 star hotel sharing a small room and ate McDonald’s and pizza the entire week. We even had a Jack Daniels bottle hidden close to the Martinez which we kept drinking while we gave some business cards every night. We made it to Cannes thanks to our knowledge of advertising. Sweet. And we were shortlisted too, but unfortunately we didn’t won.

At the Cannes Predictions next year rules changes and now you did not only selected spots but also cases and integrated campaigns. It got a bit more complex. We did fill it exactly the same and we won the second place. Last year was my first year at Leo Chicago and I really wanted to win it. However I didn’t select some indispensable ads that did really good. Another friend from Lapiz won however. Not a trip though, an iPad. A big “degrade” for that award. I still think that the award should be the trip, it’s the best way of recompensing advertising knowledge. This year’s Cannes Predictions results are not out yet, but I’m sure it’s really close. I think I did good, hope I win it. It would still be an iPad, but at least it’s the iPad 2; an upgrade that’s always good.

Parallel to all this Cannes Predictions competition, The Gunn Report started the Cannes Lions Sweepstakes: similar idea to Cannes Predictions but with an added value of difficulty. The way Cannes Predictions works is that you have to guess which ads will do best. If one of the 15 ads you have to chose wins a gold, you get 50 points. Silver 30, bronze 10, etc… Whoever has the highest score is the winner. The Gunn Report one however you have to choose what award will the ad get, and based on that you receive the points. I won it this year! And even though the award is not a trip to Cannes but a gigantic bottle of Champagne, I’m really happy about it. It was a worldwide competition after all.



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