Almost Home

It’s been a while without posting anything in my blog. The reason why this happened is I moved out of Chicago. And I did it for many reasons, some stronger than others. I live in LA now. Transitioning from the Chicago summer to LA weather was easy. Now what will happen is summer will never end. There would be no winter. No snow. No days becoming nights at 4:00 pm. Sounds good to me.

Restarting life is tough though. This is the second time I do it. First time was four years ago when I decided to move from Bogota to Chicago. Took me almost a year to figure things out. It wasn’t easy. I think things will run smoother here. I hope they do. But it’s still unbelievable how different two cities can be. LA is a gigantic suburb. I use to complain about how far I used to live from my cousin back in Chicago. I was in Lake View, he lives in Hyde Park, and it seemed so far away. Here going to Hyde Park is almost like making a milk run.

I didn’t have a car in Chicago, only my bicycle. Here, you need a car to survive. And I like it. I love to drive and actually missed it a lot. It is a bit too much though. Everything is really spread out. Once I get settled with my apartment, LA adventures will begin. Road trips will begin. Exploring will begin. I will also read more, do more stuff other than my work, workout more. Will I? Why do we need radical changes to restart life? We don’t. You can start reading more books any day. You can start being healthy every day. Working out more. You can stop being lazy every day. You can stop wasting time watching TV every day. What you can’t stop is loving. Left my heart in Chicago, and now I have to learn to live without it.