The power of the mind

I started my day today reading a Business Insider article on the 24 most creative people in advertising right now. Articles like that always trigger on me some kind of envy and admiration. I want to make part of this list one day. After watching what people on this list have accomplished, then you realize why they were chosen. My focus for this post is one of the ideas in the list: The Smirnoff Mindtunes Project.  Created by Geoffrey Hantson and Katrien Bottez, from Duval Guillaume, this is a project that blew my mind and gave me the chills. I’m a huge admirer of the work they’ve done in the past like TNT’s Push To Add Drama campaign, but this project felt so fresh and real that it’s definitely the highlight of my day.

Mindtunes is human emotion enabler. Basically it allowed music fans with disabilities to record a song using only their brain waves. How awesome is that? I watched the 11-minute video during my lunch break while eating a sandwich at my desk. I’m actually watching it again as I type these words. Watching the guys faces, their happiness and reactions is just priceless. I admire a brand that embraces this kind of initiatives, admire the people who made part of it and over all congratulate the creators of the idea.

I think we need more ideas like these, which involve people who deserve to have more fun and involvement with life. This video came to me in a moment when I’m debating the decisions I’ve taken and why I’ve taken them. Helped me realize sometimes we complain too much, wonder too much, and I personally struggle too much thinking what I have and what I don’t. A lot of times you end up giving almost all the importance to what you don’t have instead of focusing on how lucky you are to have what you do. Life isn’t easy for anyone, but life’s what you make of it with what you have around you.

I have to make it work, we all do.

Check out the documentary here >>