Words of Wisdom by David Abbott

We’re living a difficult time in the Ad business. A time when everything needs to be done fast, but at the same time  it takes a billion years for something to air. Clients want to sell, but they don’t understand how to build their brand. They don’t understand how to talk as a brand. Only a few do. And while their role of brand managers is to know what they need, is our role as ad agencies to show them the way. Our know how is that, telling them what to do, based on our knowledge, experience and gut feeling.

Problem is, desperate times call for desperate measures. Which means if there’s an issue with a brand, instead of letting the team solving the problem, we invite every single team the agency has to solve it. As creatives we need to own our work. From the beginning to the end. This guarantees ownership. This makes our passion to be driven by accomplishing the impossible. To push for our idea to come to live. But when we’re set to work in five projects at the same time, we don’t really own anything.

The rational is simple: You come up with an idea and now other six teams are going to think in your idea. Chances are someone else ends up producing the idea. Which won’t be your idea but someone’s else’s vision of the idea. You don’t own it, you’re not responsible for it, therefore you don’t fight for it. And at the end nobody else does. This makes us mediocres at our job. And of course it burns us up as fast as a cigarette burns down a dry forest.

I couldn’t agree more with the words of David Abbott in this memorandum. Quality is more important than quantity.

Let’s us own our ideas one project at a time.


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